Caroline  Hung

"LUNCHTIME? YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE."Born and raised in the Philippines, Caroline Hung is a SF/F writer of mixed Filipino and Taiwanese descent. Just a simple girl with a love for all things weird and fantastic.She is represented by Jon Cobb of HG Literary.

"WAR MAKES FLOWERS" - forthcoming in Flash Fiction Online
♦ This world is a living nightmare. Come meet Soldier Boy and Nurse Girl. They will be so happy to see you.

"Thousand Petal Song" - forthcoming in Strange Horizons (Special Issue on SFF and Neurodiversity)
♦ The train ticket to heaven costs one week's allowance and a half-filled bottle of broken dreams. This lonely child would pay all that and more, just to meet the goddess from her dreams.

"Grocery Run" - you are what you eat: an Asian Food Zine
♦ A TRUE STORY. Written and directed by Tongyi Pudding. Starring Tongyi Pudding. "Heart-warming, earth-shattering and gorgeous" -TONGYI PUDDING
🍉 All zine proceeds donated to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund 🍉

"RAIN FIRE CLOUD" - khōréō magazine (Volume 3, Issue 4)
♦ 麒麟暴 kî-lîn-pò / heavenly steed / whirlwind flames / destroyer of evil

"Cotton Candy Cloud" - If There's Anyone Left: Volume 4
♦ No one loves the rain more than Meifong, that silly girl. She'd live in it forever if she could, standing right underneath a downpour until the droplets wear her body to the bone.

"SURVIVE LOT 666" - Spectrum: an Autistic Horror Anthology
♦ Don't miss the long-awaited premiere featuring delicious whale carcasses and man-eating angels. But apex predators are the least of our problems when delusions of world peace threaten what little is left of our sanity.

"where is Ligaya? (day 22)" - Strange Horizons (Poetry, Issue 2/10/23)
♦ She's out there somewhere. Will you join me in searching?

"where is Ligaya? (day ■)" - Strange Horizons (Poetry, Issue 5/2/24)
♦ Have you seen her? Is she okay?

"where is Ligaya? (sports day)" - Words & Sports Quarterly Vol 3, No 2
♦ She's out there somewhere, fighting for her life. Shall we cheer her on?

"summer whalesong" - NonBinary Review Issue #29: In Motion
♦ It's a long way across galaxies just to reach the Weaver's Shop in heaven. But Jin has made the trip many times, with his herd of singing skywhales and a heart full of love.
< Reprinted edition forthcoming in Intergalactic Gaysians Anthology >

"Halloween Notes from Bloody Mary of the Philippines" - forthcoming in 34 Orchard (Spring 2024 Issue #9)
♦ They razed her city to the ground. They turned her body inside out. The year was 1945.

"GARGOYLE, MY LOVE" - forthcoming in Xanax Hamster
♦ This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Don't worry about it.

"Dear Reader" - The /tƐmz/ Review (Issue 25, Fall 2023)
♦ I hope this message finds you unwell.

"Adobo Sky" - NPQ Magazine Fall 2023 Climate Justice Edition
♦ Little Idi wants to know. What do lemons taste like? Are they sweet like flowers? Sour like rotted meat, or bitter like rusted bullets? Someone, please tell little Idi.

photo by Caroline Hung

"Woman in Supermarket"
digital painting by citronellals
original character concept by Caroline Hung

"台灣夢 Taiwanese Dream"
street art by 李文政 Lee Wen-Cheng
photo by Caroline Hung

"Tiger Witch"
digital painting by ichimakesart
original character concept by Caroline Hung